About Us

Deep learning has enormous promise, but developing practical applications powered by deep learning is extremely complex and expensive. At Determined AI, we are working to change that by building software to make machine learning engineers dramatically more productive.

We’re hiring exceptional people to help us solve hard problems, design and build our product, shape our culture and grow our company. We are looking for mature, productive, and intelligent people who share our passion for delivering value to our customers. We value diversity in opinions and background.

Join our small team of machine learning and distributed system experts, including key contributors to Spark MLlib, Apache Mesos, and PostgreSQL, PhDs from UC Berkeley and Chicago, and faculty at CMU. We value open communication, collaboration, and empathy: strong opinions, weakly held.

Our open roles are the following, and are all located in San Francisco:
All roles pay competitive salaries with full health, dental, and vision benefits and include an opportunity to earn a significant equity position.

Role: Senior Systems Engineer

As a Senior Systems Engineer, you will play a fundamental role building our core deep learning platform. You’ll get the chance to tackle challenging problems at the cutting edge of deep learning research and development, and to collaborate with leading machine learning researchers and engineers.

You will have the opportunity (and responsibility!) to define major aspects of our product: you’ll be expected to take on a difficult problem without a clear solution, and to design, build, and iterate until we’ve reached an elegant solution that delights our customers. You will work on problems such as efficient cluster scheduling over heterogeneous GPUs, implementing cutting-edge algorithms for hyperparameter optimization, and designing systems for managing ETL pipelines and automated deployment of deep models.


  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • An exceptional track record of designing, implementing and shipping scalable, reliable production-quality software
  • Experience with distributed and/or concurrent software development
  • Theoretical knowledge of statistics or machine learning is not required


  • M. Sc. or PhD in Computer Science, or equivalent industry experience
  • Experience building systems for large-scale data management, analytics, cluster scheduling, stream processing, or machine learning
  • Familiarity with modern container-based cluster managers (e.g., Kubernetes, DC/OS)
  • Experience doing operations and being on-call for production systems
  • Interest or experience in machine learning and/or deep learning
  • Familiarity with hardware performance, HPC and/or scientific computing

Role: Senior Machine Learning Engineer

As a Senior ML Engineer, you will have the opportunity (and responsibility!) to define major aspects of our product vision and guide the product roadmap. You’ll work closely with our technical customers to better understand their actual pain points when developing and deploying deep learning workflows; develop prototypes for new product functionality inspired by both customer feedback and cutting-edge deep learning research; and interact with our world-class systems engineers to translate these ML prototypes into production-quality product features.


  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Track record of academic research and publication in ML or related field, OR 3+ years of industry experience delivering ML applications, especially those powered by deep learning
  • Experience using systems for large-scale data management, analytics, cluster scheduling, stream processing, or machine learning
  • Experience writing software in an industrial setting


  • Experience collaborating with systems engineers to build machine learning systems
  • Ph.D. in Machine Learning or related field

Role: Frontend Engineer

At Determined AI, we are building infrastructure to enable the next generation of intelligent software. We believe that building applications that use machine learning in 2018 is like web development in 1998: expensive, time-consuming, and full of low-value, labor-intensive tasks. Unlocking the potential of AI requires a new approach to how enterprises build, deploy, and manage software.

Our product, the Productivity Engine for Deep Learning (PEDL), dramatically enhances the productivity of ML engineers and enables deep learning applications to be built an order of magnitude faster and more cheaply.

We’re looking for an exceptional frontend engineer to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for designing and implementing PEDL’s web interface, and more broadly, will play a key role in defining how our customers interact with our products. You will build software to help researchers launch new deep learning workloads, monitor cluster utilization via a dashboard interface, and plot metrics to understand the statistical behavior of their experiments. You will help design a collaborative development environment for machine learning teams that spans the ML lifecycle from data management and model development through deployment and monitoring.

What You’ll Do

  • Own the design and implementation of the PEDL web interface.
  • Design custom data visualizations to help PEDL users understand and debug the behavior of complex ML models.
  • Design a collaborative development environment for ML researchers.
  • Play a major role in defining the UX of our products more broadly.
  • Learn about cutting edge AI applications and workflows from our customers and in-house experts.

Your Qualifications

  • You care deeply about creating great user interfaces, particularly for complex enterprise products and sophisticated user workflows.
  • You are a highly skilled web developer.
  • You take pride in writing maintainable, testable, and well-structured frontend code.
  • You have demonstrated the ability to self-manage, work independently, and deliver complex projects.
  • You are comfortable being the first full-time frontend engineer at the company, and would relish the opportunity to help build out our frontend engineering team.
  • You are a great communicator, collaborator, and colleague.

Nice To Haves

  • Experience as a visual or UX designer; the interest and ability to help define the design culture and visual aesthetic of the company.
  • Experience with data visualization, particularly of large data sets.
  • Knowledge of or interest in machine learning / deep learning, analytics, and/or statistics.
  • Experience building intuitive interfaces to enterprise software.
  • Experience with Elm, WebSockets, and JavaScript plotting libraries (e.g., plotnine, Vega).
  • Experience working with Docker, Kubernetes, or DC/OS.