Going from Notebook to Cluster has never been simpler

Determined lets model development — not boilerplate code or DevOps work — be the center of your workflow. We’ve combined our years of practical DL experience with cutting edge research to produce a platform specifically for Deep Learning Engineers. And now that it’s Open Source, anyone can benefit from our work and contribute their own.

You Design the Models, We Do The Rest

Deep Learning Model Development

A Gold Standard training loop

Determined allows you to focus on the task at hand — training models.

Jump right into a purpose-created environment for DL work — and spend your time getting your models right without having to worry about setup, teardown, and other boilerplate code that can be automated away.

We’ve done this enough to know what you don’t want to spend your time doing.

What does Determined handle for you?

A built-in training loop abstraction that supports experiment tracking, efficient data loading, fault tolerance, and flexible customization.

High-performance distributed training with no code changes.

Automatic hyperparameter optimization based on cutting-edge research.

Ship your models faster and easier

High-performance Distributed Training and Hyperparameter Optimization

Experience distributed training out-of-the-box

With Determined, distributed training just works. Using stock Horovod as a starting point, we’ve applied our years of expertise and experience to make it much faster than the stock configuration — so you waste less time and take better advantage of your hardware.

Build models faster and validate hypotheses quicker

We take the toil out of hyperparameter search by providing state-of-the-art search functionality that integrates tightly with our job scheduler and is parallel by default — so you can get to more accurate models, quickly.

Our Platform is Transparent, Collaborative, and Open

Deep Learning Experiment Tracking

Tools For Deep Learning Teams

The Determined platform helps you excel in experiment management with experiment tracking, log management, metrics visualization, reproducibility, dependency management, and more. Determined is perfect for teams of any size. Start as a team of one, and know you can easily share and scale your work as soon as you’re ready.

Open Source and Cloud Vendor Neutral

Don’t get locked into proprietary solutions. Determined supports your cloud, your on-prem infrastructure, or even a blend of the two. Develop models using PyTorch, TensorFlow, or Keras, and export to popular serving frameworks like Seldon.